Anja Nitz [2 OG]

Die freie Künstlerin und Fotografin Anja Nitz ist Teil der Gemeinschaft des Kunst- und Projektraums 2 OG – CONTEMPORARY OPPORTUNITIES in der Alten Münze.

Anja Nitz / Artistic approach
In my work I portray buildings of socially relevant institutions and institutions with a
public function, such as public hospitals, embassy buildings, the depots of museums and state
libraries also as atomic power plants. I focus on the semi-public spaces inside
these institutions, where only a small group of people have access. I try to analyze the imaginations
and valid general agreements concearning these institutions‘ purposes and I visualize
how imaginations materialize inside the interior spaces. I depict settings where abstract
imaginations melt with interor design and show how ideas on socially relevant concepts –
as for example ‚health care‘ or ‚national identification‘ etc. – change over time.


Akteure & Initiativen

Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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