Jazoo Yang [2 OG]

Jazoo Yang is a Korean mixed media artist based in Berlin. Her work often distorts public spaces to profound ends. With a mixture of concept-focused art and an intriguing visual palette, Yang’s work questions the relationship between ourselves and the spaces we inhabit. Her more recent practice has focussed on the transformation of housing in city and the gentrification that is pushing local residents from their homes. Her ‚Materials series‘ are an amalgamation of the diverse, the distant, and the disregarded. Formed of the lost fragments of urban life that Yang rescues before their inevitable disappearance – remnants of a building’s outer walls, scraps of wallpaper from an interior, the remains of antique tiles – these often silent, ignored objects are here magnified from the mundane, framed to acknowledge the immensity of the intimate. Yet what we see in Yang’s works could easily have been taken from the space in which they hang. (…) Yang’s works, however, show how the past, present and future are fused in the very materiality of walls.




Akteure & Initiativen

Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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