Oscar Delmar [2 OG]

The error, the uncertainty, the doubt, the fear and all those intangibles that have made the human being doubtful, that have caused him to assimilate his ignorance, that have shaped his history and evolution; they are mixing and composing Oscar Delmar’s work. And are physics and philosophy, among others, the guiding thread, the language or even the compass that maintains the north of a process, which at times is destructive.

„I am interested in questions, the questions that generate other questions, the questions that have no answer, the answers that generate doubts, the error. Because “the error” tormented, persecuted and conditioned my being constantly in the past;
until in time I found in it, the greatest catalyst and generator of new circumstances. Since then, I’ve been looking for it, chasing it, provoking it.“

Oscar Delmar is part of the art and project space 2 OG – CONTEMPORARY OPPORTUNITIES at Alte Münze.




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