Franziska Harnisch [2 OG]

Franziska Harnisch seeks and finds. The materials of her productions are used furniture, avocado pits, mobile phones, Nutella, lipstick or rubber bands. Her brush is the open call. Her agenda is always precise, but the result open-ended, similar to a landscape painter who sets up his easel for a plein-air session.That the painter will see something that will find its way to the canvas is certain, but it is uncertain what he will portray. But Harnisch does not deal with the depiction of coastal and scapes or church steeples, she rather depicts social and political levels, by making them visible through the actions of other people in the context of urban, social and digital spaces. (Julia Brodauf)

Franziska Harnisch is part of the art and project space 2 OG – CONTEMPORARY OPPORTUNITIES at Alte Münze.


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Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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