Migration Hub

The Migration Hub Network creates spaces, where social entrepreneurs and organisations meet to design solutions around mass migration. Our network generates physical impact within communities and connects organisations across Europe. This fosters collaboration between actors in the public and private sector in order to transform the challenges surrounding mass migration into opportunities.

Our Migration Hubs identify and host innovative social initiatives and social entrepreneurs working in the field of migration and inclusion and help them thrive. We help scale grassroots initiatives into sustainable entities working to empower migrants from all walks of life, build relationships with other organisations in the field, and match initiatives with our partners (NGOs, CSR departments, foundations, academic institutions) who already do, or want to, support new migrants and refugees.

Migration Hub is recognised as one of the 100 Landmarks of Germany by program Deutschland Land der Ideen: https://www.land-der-ideen.de/wettbewerbe/man-muss-rad-nicht-neu-erfinden





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