P.A.I.N. Exhibition

23.04.2022 - 24.04.2022

P.A.I.N. - Pleasure Acceptance Intimacy Noise With our project we want to show the diversity of pain. Pain is not equal to pain. Pain belongs to us and there is so little dealing with it. Pain is subjective, frowned upon, quickly destroyed and tabooed.

The project

P.A.I.N. – Pleasure Acceptance Intimacy Noise – is a self-funded photo project about P.A.I.N. The project’s goal is to photo-document the diversity of P.A.I.N and the diversity of ways and means used to respond to pain. Every Human adopts and/or develops a specific behavioral approach towards P.A.I.N. Some use rituals and meditation to accept P.A.I.N. Some do not. For most Humans the sense of P.A.I.N. remains elusive.
Through photographic documentation we will create images of 18 Humans and their relation to P.A.I.N. Each one tells their own personal story by contributing to the stage design and creating their own little universe in order to share their interaction with, and experience of, P.A.I.N. The photographs will be accompanied by self-composed lines from each participant about their thoughts about, philosophy of, and relationship to P.A.I.N..

23.04.2022 24.04.2022
Exhibition and
Performance Day
15:00 Doors open

Champagne reception
Body Suspension

Book sale

Exhibition and
Panel discussion Day

14:00 Doors open

Book sale

Documentary screening

Panel discussion
on Pain

Pain in society
Personal pain
Question of self-infliction


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