27.05.2023 - 28.05.2023

@yeoja_mag is bringing back CELESTIAL FESTIVAL for a 2nd round on the 27th and 28th of May at @alte_muenze.

This two-day festival features a market with food and stalls, film screenings (featuring Q+As with directors) panel discussions, round table discussions, performances, and a club night with live music and DJ sets.
The Celestial Festival pays respect to the Lunar-Solar Calendar utilised by many Asian Diasporic communities. The Lunar Calendar is a means of anchoring diasporic communities to their cultures through the moon and celestial bodies – preserving deep connections that withstand displacement and pressure to “assimilate” in Germany – a guiding tool for those disconnected.
During Asia-Pacific Heritage month, we centre this festival around voices and talent from our communities by providing a platform for up-and-coming talents; celebrating us through music, sound, taste and visuals. We offer the Celestial Festival as a connecting and anchoring force in Berlin for our community, and an entry point for pan-Asian or pan-BIPOC solidarity, empowerment and commonness.
Ultimately, we are expanding the meaning of “Asian” from just the East to also include South, Central, West Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa – creating a representative and accurate view of Asia and the Asian diasporic community.
Alte Münze is a barrier-free location with an accessible toilet on site.
This event is only possible through funding from @musicboardberlin as well as the proceeds of ticket sales. Ticket sales only go into operational costs. There are no profits being made off of the event itself.
Please note that we will not tolerate any form of discrimination, racism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, classism, queer phobia, transphobia, fatphobia, etc. at our event.
Poster and ⁠Graphics by Tessa Curran (@lotsofbroth) Graphic Design by Rae (Mee-Jin) Tilly (@raetilly)⁠ and Hanna Kang (@nakang.berlin)


Akteure & Initiativen

Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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