Fundraiser for the affected by the earthquake


Music | workshop | food and drinks

Music, workshop, food and drinks

It is a tragedy, what is happening not as far away as it might feel for people here.
All of us have friends and neighbours who are worried about their beloved ones in the affected areas. Besides the fact that people there lack everything as they lost their homes, political actors get in the way and partly hinder the convois with medications and other supplies to get to where they are needed the most.

Therefore donating money makes the most sense to us.

Today, all our generated revenue of the event will be donated to two non-profit-organizations who specifically are active in the areas around the Syrian border:

Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e. V. @heyvasor
& Molham @molhamteam

About both organizations you will find more information in our linktree.
Today we have a program curated which consists of art, music, a workshop, stands, food and drinks.
@assiel_shkr @ultracore161 aka CHOREOPHILA, @dara.wish – Thank you for your support!

The whole event will take place at Moneta on the premises of Alte Münze.


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Alte Münze

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