Tag der Clubkultur

04.10.2022 - 07.10.2022


Within the „TAG DER CLUBKULTUR“, we invite you to our exhibition „Change and Growth of a former Coin Factory“.
The Exhibition is open from the 5th – the 8th of October 2022 from 14 – 18 Uhr.
It is Free of Charge, Open to the Public and Wheelchair Accessible. You will find the Exhibition in the Foyer of Alte Münze next to our Coffee The Greens.

Alte Münze, a former mint in Berlin-Mitte on the banks of the Spree, offers space for art and culture, young Berlin creatives and various event formats. The ensemble of buildings run by the Spreewerkstätten in one of Berlin’s oldest neighborhoods is home to an interdisciplinary community and stands for future-oriented conversion of historic urban spaces as well as a diverse urban society in which there is solidarity between different projects with different demands and possibilities.
The exhibition is supported by: @clubcommissionberlin.
With relentless creativity and resistance, Berlin’s club culture has grown deep roots. Its origins reach far back into history and beyond the city’s borders.
Today, club cultural spaces are anchored firmly in the heart of Berlin. Against all odds, they are everywhere, in basements and on rooftops, in the parks and on the streets, at the edge and in the middle of our city.
They are part of an identity that we have been shaping together against conventions and norms and in the face of contradictions since the very beginning.

Um Tag der Clubkultur* öffnet die Alte Münze ihre historischebn Räumlichkeiten und lädt alle Interessierten zu einer Podiumsdiskussion über „Kulturelle Freiräume in der sich wandelnden Stadt ein.“
Begleitet wird der Panel von einem umfangreichen Rahmenprogramm:



14 – 18 Uhr Ausstellung.
Wandel und Wachstum einer ehemaligen Münzprägeanstalt WE ARE AN IMAGE FROM THE FUTURE (Dokumentarfilm)
19:00 Historische Führung mit Eberhard Elfert
19:30 Einlass & Kurzvortrag
20:00 Podiumsdiskussion:
Kulturelle Freiräume in der sich wandelnden Stadt verteidigen.
mit: Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Cecilia Tosh, Alexander Krüger
21:30 WE ARE AN IMAGE FROM THE FUTURE (Dokumentarfilm) Q&A Jascha Müller-Guthof
22:00 Caren Callas (DJ Set)



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Alte Münze

Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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